Kendra, is a name whores usually have. They are the sluttiest people you will know.
That girl Kendra, was dressed as a hooker.
by springbreakfoeva October 25, 2014
Typical white girl who can't get enough black dick. Breaks up with her boyfriend, then gets back together two/three days later. Short, brown hair, large eyes. Will think she has big breasts but doesn't, has no butt.
Loves black men.
Kendra cheated on Tion Friday, got back together Sunday .
by Bakerflaker March 11, 2014
Kendra is a slut who Cheats on people and Acts like a 6 year old. She wears to much make up. Is Fake a'f and talks A LOT of shit. She never Passes Sucking a DICK! She dresses like a whore.. She always talks dirty to people. And she cannot stay to one man.(She Fuckin cheats on you with guys off Xbox that she doesn't even know. And people she does know) She looks like a raccoon (The Makeup) And she says these three words like "Hello" they are "I Love You" So Uhm yeah add this whore :D

-Sincerely, A Pissed Off Ex
Delete the Spaces :D

https :// www. facebook .com /kendra.mumper?ref=ts&fref=ts
by MexiBoy March 23, 2013
A gross slut.
Kendra: Let's have sex.
by Justmedawg July 03, 2012
so shes got a bad reputation at school, but now that she doesn't go there any more, she's changed. people think shes a whore, but not anymore. Shes a great best friend once you get to know her.
do you know kendra?
yeahh shes a whore
nooo shes changed
by KendrasBestFriend May 15, 2009
Female living in Florida dating a boy named justin. Kendras are beautiful, talented, and they know how to work a cock! One of the best lovers known to man. One of a kind
Person 1: Hey did you hear justins going out with kendra?

Person 2: Yea i heard...lucky bastard!
by Justin556 August 22, 2008
Grouchy rock, sleeps excessively, likes mexican food to a fault. would marry a famous musician with little provocation i.e. Dustin Kensrue, refers to self in 3rd person ex. Kendra is so badass right now, kendra is going to reward herself with an icecream cone.. likes dogs named compton but not marley.
kendra is lame.
by irrelevant much February 03, 2010

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