A cute funny amazing girl she make everyone smile when she walks in the room any guy who is able to have her is the luckiest fucking man alive. She laughs at evrything you say she is very shy and doesn't have that many friends because she likes to keep her life low key. She drop dead gorgeous and all the gorls are jealous
Samantha: hey did you hear what happens during lunch?
Christina: no what happened?
Samantha:Kendra walked in and all the boys dropped dead.
Christina: really but just look at her.
by Mini_QUEEN_B March 01, 2015
A beautiful, amazing, awesome best friend I love her so much and she is AMAZING. She dyes her hair alot and is just so fucking amazing..... I love her more then LIFE itself <3 I love you baby! She loves boy bands and is very attracted to emo/goth/punk boy.
"WHERE'S MY DOG!?!?! WHERE'S MY POOH BEAR?!?!?!"- Kendra
by JakeAskedKendraShit January 27, 2013
A bitch who will ripe you to shreds when you post a picture of her on Instagram
Oh shit kendra is mad as fuck!!!
by Ahslover April 24, 2015
Ugly ass, backstabbing, cheating bitch, social climber, and ignorance are the best words to describe Kendra. Also known as the annoying nickname Kenni, Kendra can be found picking her nose, butt, or fingering her vagina. When singing, also known as her Oompa Loompa mating call, you can hear all the fat children gathering around her throne requesting to be mated with. Kendra(s) can also be known as the worst secret keepers and lying bitches on the planet. Dont trust them worth shit.
Tony: Eww what is that?!
Zach: I don't know...someone disgusting!
Michaela: It's a Kendra! Run away!
by Gibby101 May 18, 2015
A number between 0.99999999 and 1.0000001, also known as 1.

May be used as a verb, noun, and adjective.

1 that gets 1's on the AP exams.

Common uses:
Shit Kendra, get it together!
The amount of AP books Kendra used to study for WHAP exceeded her AP score from the exam, which was a 1.

X: I Kendra'd the final! :(
Y: What did you get?

X: a 1.

Happy birthday, Kendra! You're only 17 ONcE!
by KathiePhan December 30, 2011
Female. A flirt-o-holic that that can never stop obsessing over foreign men. Her vocabulary consists of profanity, "that's what she said," and lyrics to songs on Kiss 107.5 fm. She also exhibits certain aspects of slut-itude.
Wow, that B**** wont stop sexting my boyfriend, she is such a Kendra S.
by Kendra's Mother September 01, 2010
Kendra, is a name whores usually have. They are the sluttiest people you will know.
That girl Kendra, was dressed as a hooker.
by springbreakfoeva October 25, 2014

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