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A beautiful, amazing, awesome best friend I love her so much and she is AMAZING. She dyes her hair alot and is just so fucking amazing..... I love her more then LIFE itself <3 I love you baby! She loves boy bands and is very attracted to emo/goth/punk boy.
"WHERE'S MY DOG!?!?! WHERE'S MY POOH BEAR?!?!?!"- Kendra
by JakeAskedKendraShit January 27, 2013
9 4
A most clever but stunning individual. Formally known as the most beautiful woman on the planet. Any man would be lucky to have her even in their dreams.
Person 1. That chick looks and acts like a goddess.

Person 2. Her name is Kendra.
by TheStudMaster3000 August 31, 2009
1205 496
Destruction, Independence, intelligence are some characteristics of a Kendra, aslo known as Kenny.
Ray: Kendra, i stole your chocolate milk.

Kendra: You biach, I'll just buy more.
by jessehhh December 01, 2006
1224 692
One of the best lovers known to man. One of a kind. Can mean destruction, independence, intelligence, understanding, and knowledge. Kendras are the embodiment of badassitude, usually hella gorgeous, clever, and stunning.
P1: Wow, that girl has those boys wrapped around her finger in every way. How does she do that?

P2: Well, her name is Kendra, after all. That should explain it.
by OhBaby007 January 30, 2010
847 424
Kendra's are usually hella gorgeous. And gets along better with guys, because their girl friends get too jealous of her. Text-a-holic. She's a real bitch who's hella cold.
"Damn, that has to be a Kendra, She's fine as hell."
"That's for sure a Kendra, check out her stems."
"All the ladies jealous of her. She's a Kendra no doubt."
by r34Ln4m3 May 16, 2009
785 411
One unique, amazing girl. has the best personailty. laughs at anything & almost everthing. most trusting, innocent girl you'll ever know! filled with one HUGE heart and will never hurt you. knows how to have a great time, fun to be with, loves the smell of pumpkin scented things, beautiful and attractive! everything one can hope & want in someone to spend your life with! that's her!
by TikiJim June 20, 2011
419 165
the embodiment of badassitude.
also a fragile little girl. but also curses like a fucking sailor. peace outtie bitchezz kk
i saw kendra today, and i bumped into her by accident 'cause i didn't see her, and then she was like, "bitch GTFO my sidewalk" and i was like, "FUCK YOU." and she was like "god damn cunt, fuck you" so then i felt bad, and got out of her sidewalk, and then i had a dream and she was God, and it wasn't metaphoric either.
by kdizzy March 24, 2006
537 334

Kendra is a girls name. It has serveal meaning in several countries. Which include meaning: understanding, knowledge, bearded-man, and water baby. It is also the feminine version of Kendrick.
Rick: Wow, that girl really likes to swim.
Bob: Good thing her name Kendra- it means water baby.
by Kenge August 04, 2007
550 425