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Another girl on the Girls Next Door, Kendra is the hilarious, sporty, airhead from San Diego. She's the youngest of Hef's girlfriends, and is now supposedly engaged to Hank Baskett. Entering the Playboy world at age 18, this spunky girl is packed with attitude and energy, and will always make a person laugh. From organizing a playmate softball game, to mistaking a mannequin for a hot guy, Kendra is our personal favorite and most entertaining to watch. Sorry Holly and Bridget!

(Kendra enjoys flashing everyone and everything all the time).
Kendra Wilkinson: "I love the Chargers!"
by fraaaankieeee February 05, 2009
ugly ass husband, divorce him!!!!
kendra wilkinson married beneath her for sure
by gfrgr56 July 14, 2009
ex playmate, in one word: whore, on top of that a total empty headed bimbo with fake tits that she will eventually have to take out anyway, she married some guy no one cares about and no one has ever heard of, shes not attractive especially her face its eeehhhh, we can only hope her and her ugly husband will not reproduce, we can only hope.
kendra wilkinson is a waste of space and air
by seri222 July 14, 2009
someone who will eventually have to take out her fakkee boobs in a short while because no one wants to see an old granny with big old wrinkly fake boobs EW!
kendra wilkinson will just be plain old white trash when she takes her boobs out
by rtyhth August 04, 2009
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