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The Best warrior ever in gaming history who kicked the crap out of Master chief and killed him and Killed Altair who then got raped in hell by Satan's pals, (Which is why he's not in Assassins creed 2) He also beat the shit out of Regnier the demon who thought he was the best.

Later Kendal came accross a bunch of Gaylords in Encablossa's gay dark twisted dimension, Kendal killed all the Gaylords and then draged their souls down to hell were they got tortured with the gaylord Uberfuzzy.

Next Kendal beat the shit out of Encablossa and got back into our universe and started a massive crusade to kill all gays in his world, the gays were all killed which is why you see no gays in Kingdom Under Fire.

Next Kendal prayed to God for power and he got it, with the power he got, Kendal killed the second last gay Michaeldsuarez, who then got raped in hell painfully.

Kendal then killed the last gay, Jon the Mon who then went hell straight away.

After all the gays were killed, Kendal started a massive crusade on Lesbos, The queen of them: GW-ShadowPhoenix was killed by kendal and her body was given to the poor people, who raped and ate her dead body while her soul got raped by Satan in hell.

Kendal then killed the rest of the lesbos and sent them to hell.

Next Kendal elbowed Uriel Septim VII in the face and killed him. Uriel then got raped in hell by one of Satan's demons, while in hell Uriel screamed, " CLOSE SHUT MY ARSE! NOOOOO GET IT OUT!"

Kendal later had a huge tower built and he made it his home.

Kendal Later became King of his world and had the ultimate victory by killing all atheists.

Kendal is now waiting for the events that happen in Kingdom Under Fire II, and he is ready for them, with a huge massive army, and the help Beowulf who kills atheists too, Kendal IS the leader of the army of God.
"Who does that prick who is trying to fight think he is? Kendal From Kingdom Under Fire?"
by RationalTruth July 06, 2009
Kendal From Kingdom Under Fire was a user on the Fable wikia who managed to get that Wikia's admin banned.

After he got that loser banned, he made a site about the game known as Fable III being crap and pathetic the site comes up in Position 6 when you type Fableiii up on the internet, even the developers of the crap and pathetic game called Fable III have seen the site.

Anyone who fights and wins, can be called Kendal from Kingdom Under Fire.
I am A Kendal from Kingdom Under Fire!

I have won all my battles!
by RationalTruth January 28, 2010