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A ken shawty is a psycho bitch. She is very werid an random at times an has tendencys to blurt out her random outrageous opinions. People sometimes confuse her with having turrets. she always thinks that its her birthday and will always want to celebrate at resturants perferabley ones that sing. She might play softball or rugby. She loves going to zoos but ends up being left behind in the ostrage exhibit. They can either be a boy or girl depending how fenemine they are. oh an they obviously can't spell. She doesn't like boring people at all she always likes to have fun. If you are boring when a Ken shawty is around, she will scream douschebag at you until you leave. they like to tp themselfs when there going pee. They are the ones that get kicked out of old folks home for getting patients riled by yelling " free viagra ". You will fall in love them immediatley, they will be the coolest people you will ever meet in your life!
She's such a free spirt, she's a ken shawty.

what a mystical creature, she must be a ken shawty.

That chick is ca to the freaking zy shes deff a ken shawty.
by bonbut55 September 28, 2011

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