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A girl (well usually) who hates cheese. Usually has dark brown currrlly hair. Who has a super smart boyfriend. But he is also incredibly strange/cool? Unfortuantly they are cute together. She's super tan. and likes butts.
A Girl: whoa that girl is super tan.
Another girl: yurp that's Kemry
Girl: thanks Kemry!!
by Mimla June 10, 2010
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Usually has blonde hair. There are not many kemry's but they are all beautiful. When people walk by a kemry they wish they were her. She also notices beauty. She goes for the hot guys.
Damn, I wish I were kemry, she's so pretty and perfect.

Yeah, no fair.
by Hsbshsbhxbsjs February 20, 2017
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A person who has a thing for nerdy guys. But it works for her and it's actually quite cute:)
girl 1: Ohh look at that girlll.

girl 2: Wow..she is such a kemry.

girl 1: I know..look who she's with. But it's ok..they make a good couple
by Bernelia May 19, 2010
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