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A form of kidding
Are you Kembe!
by Dale M Braverman October 21, 2012
A stylish, confident, and beautiful girl that other girls love to hate and guys love to hang out with. A girl who can cross her legs whenever she wants to and needs to, and whenever she wants, play a shooter and eat a feast when she's having fun at home with the guys. This girl is beautiful and classy, all at once. A girl who is priceless.
by Noneofyourbusiness Whatsitoya February 28, 2013
A stunning girl who will and has already changed the thoughts of many and changed the world as a whole. Putting girls in a positive light, brightened larger by her intelligence. Loved by all, girl or guy, with a weightless laugh and a wondrous smile. A true Californian girl, with eyes to die for. This girl is truly at immeasurable heights and values.
"Hey, did you see that girl who just walked by?"

"Yeah, a total Kembe."
by Marvelous Wonder March 18, 2014