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One who is of savage descent.

Being of a savage nature.

Often used as a name for perents to give children in which they see potential savage-ness.
- Wow, that guy's name is Kelton! It totally fits his personality!

- Yeah, that guy seems like such a savage
by This Savage Guy January 24, 2011
A man, usually brunette, with hazel eyes. Extremely faithful, and an overall good person. Gets angered easily.
"Woah, is he ok?"

"Yea, he's just pulling a Kelton"
by la., November 15, 2009
kelton is a sick ass name usually refering to someone that is sick as hell or just the shit, kids with this name are just intense ballers and someone should kill them because they will one day rule the world no doubt. this is most commanly a name
get over here kelton
by kelso7777 July 17, 2011
Smart funny amazing hate really nice dirty minded best boyfriend u will ever have kelton is a keeper of course he naughty­čśĆ but he's the best bf u will ever have
Girl:omg who's tht hot boy

Other girl :he must be a kelton
by chelseaXD­čśś January 30, 2016
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