The girl who struts through the hallways everyday looking like a light, vibrant girl. She is basically hard NOT to like. What people don't know is that she hides so much and she plasters a smile to her face everyday so people don't know that her life is a total wreck. Everyday she feels like nothing is going for her, when others thinks she's got everything, well she doesn't. A kelsi is the last person people would think to commit suicide but she has considered it. She always deep down doesn't think she deserves the friends she has and is surprised people like her so much, sometimes she feel as people are just trying to be nice. People need to realize all the pressure she goes through each and everyday and love her for who she is. that's all she really needs, love. she is the most beautiful girl inside and out, sent from God.
Nicole: "I wish I could be like kelsi"
by justyou1150 June 25, 2014
the act of the infusion of alcohol into one's system or a place
I was going to donate blood but I decided to kelsis instead
by C Junk October 10, 2011
1. to be kelsi is to being throw into your loft in god all hours of the night because you have just drank yourself into oblivion.

2. extreme hitting when you get drunk
"god you are such a kelsi"

"You were being such a kelsi last night"
by Bethany Bertsch October 30, 2007
A girl (duh) who clearly understanda more then what people think. A person who no matter what happened minutes before can make you smile. The girl who you technically just meet gut is already your best friend. A strange girl who loves anime and weird dance moves. A person who listens to great music and can't spell for shit.
Person1: " Hey who's that weird ass chick with the Panic! At the Disco shirt?"

Person2 :" That's Kelsi with n 'I' and she's not weird, just unique."
via giphy
by Clearly_Mikayuu May 23, 2016
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