the bitchiest woman in science class 💁
"omg you are such a Kelsey"
"the fuck did you say you whore?"
by BruhBruhJustin November 03, 2014
Hide yo grannies, hide yo young, there's a KELSEY on the loose!
by Chestercheeto September 28, 2014
A New Yorker, quiet, smart, cute, about 5'6" in height, with gorgeous red hair, great style, and two of the prettiest blue eyes in the world.
You know that book "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" by Jules Verne?

Ya, why?

He wrote that about me because if Kelsey's league was the surface of the ocean, I'd be 20,000 leagues under the sea!
by fivehours April 15, 2010
Total cutie, thinks you are a little girl if you dont do what she wants. Is always fun to be around, unless she doesnt talk at all..... ever.. even during awkward silences... Once you get used to her awkwardness you will learn to get along with her and it wont be too awkward. She seems to act hyper and crazy with everyone except you so dont get your hopes up. other than that kelsey is a fine specimen of a women and is sure to brighten up your day .
Person 1: Dude did you just hear that horrible noise?
Person 2: Yeah i know its piercing its gotta be a "kelsey."
by icreepongirls May 05, 2011
A drunk moose who frequently gets stuck in a tree.
TROLOL look at that Kelsey.
by Non-Drunk Moose October 02, 2011
A girl who smells like cat litter
Boy: Hey whats that smell?
Girl: Oh, it's just Kelsey.
by Spider-Girl December 16, 2013
A name for a girl who lurks facebook. Not only will she spend hours liking every one of your posts, she will know things about you that you don't even know about yourself.
Damn, that girl is a kelsey. She's been lurking facebook all day!
by Shelby (not a lurker) March 29, 2011
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