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A Kelsey is the most rare of the rare. You will never find another Kelsey like her. Kelsey are the most sweet and observant of all. They are always in pain. Even when smiling they still hurt. A Kelsey always wears her heart on her sleeve but never lends it to people she knows will hurt it. Kelsey's will try and try for something until they succed. If you mess with a Kelsey or one of her friends you will most definately regret it. She is the best and trustworthy friend you will ever have. No matter what goes down a Kelsey has got you. Now if a Kelsey loves you.. you are truely something special it takes a lot to reeve up a Kelsey. So hold on to the Kelsey. Because once you set her free she will find someone else.
Synonyms: amazing, loyal, caring, most understanding thing, Kelsey

Antonyms: Gangster, Hater, judger, easy to get

common misspelling: Kelsie, Kelsi, Kelsea
by Kelsey Hansen August 18, 2008
29 10
The most innocent, sweet, kind-hearted, hilarious and humble girl you will ever know, but is also incredibly beautiful!
Guy 1: Dude, did you see Kelsey today?
Guy 2: Yeah, man. She looked so good!
Guy 1: I know right! But, damn, she's out of everyone's league.
Guy 2: Freaking sucks.
by lovingit. December 23, 2011
20 3
kelsey's are one of the most amazing girls that you will ever meet she will make your heart beat out of your chest just from looking at her she will be the most amazing aspect of your life, she is easy to be around and easy to get along with but there is one thing you gotta watch out for she is very good at stealing your heart because she has mine and if you fall for her she will be there to catch you and she will never let you down. there is just so much to say about a kelsey that i could never finish typeing
dont ever let kelsey go
by birdboy420 December 16, 2011
23 6
Kelsey could be a girl or a boy, it really doesn't matter. Most of the time it is a girl though. Kelsey is a beautiful girl, inside and out. She loves spending time with her friends, and she is dazzling. She's not famous, she's not a celebrity but everyone likes her because of her great personality. She still has her down days, just like everyone else. She enjoys excercising, and she is very succeeded in school. She has sandy blonde hair, dark blue eyes, tan skin, and is skinny. She has tons of friends but knows when her friend list stop and when her normal everyday aquaintences begin.
Kelsey is spending time with her friends right now, i'm sorry, she'll have to call you back.
by twirler! :) June 29, 2010
61 44
awesome girl, hot and beautiful oh and sexy
shes so sexy she must be a kelsey
by heybaby777 December 27, 2011
18 2
One of the best people ever. Kelseys are usually great listeners and like to write letters. They can be super people but they are also bitchy when you get on their bad side. They occasionally love cats.
Girl: Kelsey. I love her.
by kelseylikescats May 14, 2011
27 11
Extremely beautiful but never thinks so. If you know a Kelsey, green eye'd ones are the best.
Sexy, a good dancer, and smart beyond belief, you'll know a Kelsey when you see one.

They often are rough, tough little shits but they're worth the work.
They'll always be the one you run to, and if you know a Kelsey,
Don't piss her off. She might do something weird like smack you on the forehead with her phone or dislocate your toe.
Kelseys are always fun-loving and badass, sometimes short but that doesn't mean they don't have a bigass load of personality and heart.
If a Kelsey doesn't like you, you better watch your back because she'll have it coming for you.

Even if she doesn't hang out with the well-known crowd, she still makes it work and lets all her friends know they're safe with her.
person1: Damn, she's hot. Badass, too. I've heard things she's done.
person2: Yeah, that's Kelsey.
by Elfy The Sheep December 02, 2011
22 8