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Kelsey is the type of girl that everyone gets along with. She is very liberate and stands up for what shes believes in no matter how many people try to bring her down for it. Shes accepting and caring.Shes sometimes comes off as rude but it's only because she gets nervous easily. People named kelsey are usualy very self concious about themselves and don't think they're very pretty. They love to help people out.Shes a great listener when it comes to people that need her. She also gives great advice. Shes an amazing girl. If you find a kelsey like this. Please. Oh please. Don't leave her because I doubt you will find someone more beautiful,more understanding,and down right lovely in your whole life.
guy:I just met this girl...
guy: kelsey
guy2: Kelsey R..?
guy:Yeah, shes amazing and it's just that I don't want to leave her... ever but my mom
by yelsek nadroir May 06, 2011
kind of shy, kind of quiet, (at first)...... EXCEPTIONAL at everything they do including swimming, keyboard, going to italy, probably yoga too.... and Biology partners
Did you see that girl over there?

Yeah but she was nothing compared to Kelsey!
by slick rick 11 January 20, 2011
Kelsey Kelsey Kelsey
Not sure what the world thinks of you, but I think the world of you.
You don't judge, and thats great, even though the world judges you.
You've had rough spots in life, but everyone does, you're not alone, so talk, people will listen!!
You're gorgeous, but you normally don't seem to care what you look like. Patient, smart, clever, funny, I don't understand how you always have a smile on your face, but it's something I can count on.
If we weren't all crazy, we'd kill ourselves.
Safe to say you're one of the craziest in the bunch
Don't settle for less than you deserve
Kelsey: Tell me a secret, just for fun :)

Bee: I don't know what you don't already know about me

Kelsey: Just try :)
Who hasn't she hit in the head with the band hero guitar?
by RLDR23 August 09, 2011
A name of a girl.

Kelseys are commonly athletic, ambitious and courageous. They can be creative but sometimes have a hard time focusing on one thing.
Usually, Kelseys have good figures, kissing abilities, and are generally liked unless they do something extremly out of character or are just plain bitchs.
They are loyal, helpful, yet sometimes forgeful. Kelseys get along with many people, are charming, have good looks, and can never be forgotten.
Kelsey's are good fighters and quick thinkers.
I just met this girl, Kelsey. She's pretty cool.
by Haras Enna January 14, 2009
To start off, a naive girl. Someone that is beyond all imagination and perception, though thinks otherwise. A girl with amazing beauty, top notch smarts, and a personality to rival that of "the most interesting man in the world". Hard working and high achieving are merely the building blocks for this type of person. A strong yearn to be victorious in all attributes of life. Someone who's eyes draw you in and ask you never to leave, while their smile calms and warms your soul.

These girls come along once in a lifetime and should be appreciated for what they can offer without ever asking anything in return.

They change people for the good.
Guy1: Man, you might as well call me a trout?
Guy2: Huh?
Guy1: Cause she's got me hooked like a fish....
Guy2: ......you talking about Kelsey again?
by BWanon November 23, 2011
1. A very smart, child-ish girl with a weird sense of style!

2. A girl who has an irrational fear of bugs, and the death of animals. She becomes very ill when attacked by harmless and dangerous bugs, and always laughs at the lamest of jokes!
1. Oh I wish i was like Kelsey
2. OMG!! That was such a Kelsey move
by WILLagadg June 17, 2010
You are a blonde hair girl who loves flirting with guys even if your rarely date, you friendly, funny, smart and a 1 in a billion person nobody else in the world is quite like you. You get mad easy but not for long because after a while you will be cracking a smile.
Hey did you know about Kelsey
by fork pen January 18, 2011