The most perfect girl on earth. Absolutely gorgeous, even though she will never admit it. Extremely shy in some places but also has a wild side. Spaces out constantly, usually chews on pen caps when bored or concentrating. SUGAR JUNKIE! loves ice cream, candy, and anything blue. Very sweet and everyone who meets her instantly loves her. She is a very good playfighter and extremely competitive. The best Kelsey in the world falls for a Cole.
Person #1Look at that beautiful girl staring off chewing on her pen.

Person #2Oh yes she's definetly a Kelsey.
by imtosexyfor myshirt November 09, 2010
a girl who is most likely still withh an asshole even thouggh she knows hes one. this chica probably has a hard time opening her eyes to the reality that shes so much better than this and without a doubt deserves the very best, which is no where close to tke kid shes goes with. Kelsey is a cute, lovable person but tends to let people take advantage of her good nature. She is also sexy and has other obviously good physical features, but she has so much more to offer and should be treated respectively. Alsooo Kelseys are also the best tennis fans known to earth and have amazing t shirt creating skills. Everybody loves a kelsey and would never let one go, unless they re a retarded asshole of course :)
Teammate- Damn Seiler, who was that girl you were chillin with?

#1 player- The cute one with the freckles? That'd be Kelsey :)

Teammate- luckyyy....

#1 player- yessir
by PostingTillAccepted April 13, 2010
Kelsey is someone you want to be around. She has a beautiful smile, gorgeous eyes, and a nice body. She has gone through a lot the past couple of months and she needs someone who she can rely on. She has had her heart broken a couple times and has many trust issues. She loves the color green, and is obsessed with animals. Once she is in a relationship, she is completely devoted to that person. If you ever get the chance to meet a Kelsey, hold onto her and don't let her go.
Whoa man, you let a KELSEY go?! You're nuts.
by Loveitall May 28, 2011
Kelsey's are fun to be around, they are cool. They are the best friends in the world. Just being around them can turn your day from crap to awesome. They have a great personilty and are absolutely gorgeous. You can tell them a secret and they won't spill a word and are supportive if you really need help. Once you meet one, you will want them as your BEST friend forever.
i love you kelsey <3
by natiboo;) January 02, 2011
A sweet, loving and gentle girl(overall). She will never cheat and always be loyal. You can always go to a Kelsey for advice... for she will never lie to you. She is beautiful inside and out, and is anything but a slut. Once you have a Kelsey as a friend or a girlfriend, never let her go. Her heart easily gets broken. Is overall smart, but spaces out in the few classes that bore her. This is a great time to snag a Kelsey.
BFF: Kelsey! My boyfriend is cheating on me! What should I do to get back at him?

Kelsey: Confront him and the girl and let them both know how you feel and remind him your a KELSEY!!!!!
by K-mylife August 07, 2011
Kelsey is the type of girl that everyone gets along with. She is very liberate and stands up for what shes believes in no matter how many people try to bring her down for it. Shes accepting and caring.Shes sometimes comes off as rude but it's only because she gets nervous easily. People named kelsey are usualy very self concious about themselves and don't think they're very pretty. They love to help people out.Shes a great listener when it comes to people that need her. She also gives great advice. Shes an amazing girl. If you find a kelsey like this. Please. Oh please. Don't leave her because I doubt you will find someone more beautiful,more understanding,and down right lovely in your whole life.
guy:I just met this girl...
guy: kelsey
guy2: Kelsey R..?
guy:Yeah, shes amazing and it's just that I don't want to leave her... ever but my mom
by yelsek nadroir May 06, 2011
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