The freaking sweetest girl ever, but most dont know it. One tends to have a shortage of breathe when around such a stunning figure. It's been said to get lost in her eyes. She is a great friend, who will do anything for those she loves. When a Kelsey is in love with you, you will definitely know it. Always tell her you love her if you do, and never let a Kelsey go.
by Anonymous! :) December 22, 2008
A common boring name. Normally if you meet one. Their bitchy, nagging, probably have a huge nose, nasty hair, cheat on their boyfriend(s) with atleast 100+ guys, and two faced. Stay away from Kelsey's.
Hey did you see Kelsey at that party with him?
No, but I just seen her with a different guy.
by Thatguy18 September 07, 2010
Commonly dwells under bridges and sneaks out to troll others. Their mating call includes the shouting of the word MIO, YUI ect. to attract the young Alexs from their bridges to lurk together. If you find one approach with caution because it may get violent easily, and if it does appear to become aggressive simply sing the following lyrics; Always, i wanna be wiff you! and that will keep them at bay..for now..
1: What is that?? that?? ITS A KELSEY RUNN!!!
2: Do you know a Canadian? Oh yeah that Kelsey hoe!
by Nirosis March 01, 2010
red-head, frotch, annoying girl. she tries to be friends with you but cant talk to you when you hang out. when she leaves she will text you a million times and if you dont respond she gets really pissed off and tries making you feel bad. but you dont feel bad cuz she is so awkward around you. somethings she does are kinda funny but you dont really wanna laugh cuz you just really think about how bad you want to kick her in the gut. she is a poser and acts like she is a party animal but really nope, she's not.
conversation via text message:

Kelsey: Hey
friend: hi =]
kelsey: whats up?
friend: nmu?
kelsey: same u?
friend: you just asked me.
kelsey: haha my b.
...ten mins later...
kelsey: soo....
....five mins later...
kelsey: k cool
friend: cool what?
kelsey: you arent talking to me
friend: ummm did you say something worth responding to?
Kelsey: w/e bye
by Liz Bian December 23, 2009
Biznatch. Needs to keep her paws off people who are amazing and stop using people. Complete crack whore who who thinks she is beautiful, when really she looks like an Asian dumpling. Uses amazing people for homework help, but does not intend to go any further in the relationship. Needs to seriously get a life or be committed to an institution.
Dude 1: Hey, look at that girl over there!
Dude 2: Oh, Kelsey?
Dude 1: She looks like an Asian dumpling.
by Operation KD January 03, 2010
A Sweet Young Girl That Doesnt Have Any Common Sense,. Usually A Typical Whore Or Pornstar Name. Doesnt Understand Even The Simplest Of Jokes. Cant Do Anything Athletic, And tends To Warm The Bench When She Makes An Athletic Team.
Did You See That Kelsey Packer Girl Sittin The Bench Again? Kelsey's Arent Worth The Time.
by Superman63 August 01, 2009
A Kelsey, in short, is an intelligence void. It is the IQ Level, lower than vegetable, meaning that this person has a negative IQ. Just being close to this person can cause slow and painful brain loss, which will result in the eventual transformation into a vegetable and Kelsey as well.
Dude... it is soooo awesome to hang out with Kelsey... yea... totally... ghhhra...daa...da.
by White Turtle August 02, 2009

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