An oblivious, ignorant, foolish girl. One who does not consider others.
Girl #1: "I only care about a few people in the world!!!" evil cackle.

Girl #2: OMG, she just pulled a 'Kelsey.'
by The Alarmer February 06, 2013
A kelsey is somone who may appear to be nice on first meet but that will all come back and bite you in the ass! she is a fishy reject who needs a life and a pal who dont look like a whale...
man: whoa did u see that girl back there??

other man: yh shes a right kelsey...
by greenfrogs January 07, 2012
A horrible, ugly, poser person usually fat. Weird eyes and big teeth. Ugly laugh.
person: Ugh, kelsey thinks she's such a NERD.
you: I know, I wish she'd commit to her claims of being suicidal and do it already.
by Harikar October 09, 2013
When someone initiates a conversation with the opposite gender and claims to others that the person they talked to actually started it and wouldn't shut up in order to avoid sounding desperate. usually occurs when a younger girl talks to an older guy
wow, she totally pulled a kelsey on you
by partyhardy09876 June 14, 2011
A girl who generally is a bitch. She actually doesn't know it so it is quite sad watching her wander around acting like a complete bitch. She often condones and engages in slutty behavior, as her future job will most likely be a whore.
by Simontachi January 13, 2011
I'm as confused as an uneatable cake.. Must be a "Kelsey".

If gravity didn't exist, Kelsey would still be on the ground.

Who ate all the PIES!!!??? ...Kelsey... Duh!
A sloppy whore. Generally tries to fuck every guy in the room at once. She's a stupid little bitch that likes "meat". If you have alcohol, you can get this slut. She loves to party and get shitfaced. Shes been fucked so many times she is the most loose girl EVER!
Guy 1 "Dude, Kelsey's vagina is so imminence that you can fit the whole U.S. Navy inside her!"

Guy 2 "Yea, all those semen!"
by Big Jeff22334455 July 18, 2011
Psycho Bitch that has no real friends. She cant be trusted and made her only friends miserable with her snide comments and judgements and eventually drives them away. She isnt confident about herself, which is why she constantly brags about what little she has and insults her friends. She couldnt get a guy unless he was a man whore. Shes an awful person who is rudely inconsiderate and competitive. She never wins at anything, so basically a Kelsey is a failure at life. If you meet a Kelsey just walk away and save yourself the trouble and the drama...
Oh thats just like her, shes such a Kelsey!
by loyallove13 May 08, 2011

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