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An oblivious, ignorant, foolish girl. One who does not consider others.
Girl #1: "I only care about a few people in the world!!!" evil cackle.

Girl #2: OMG, she just pulled a 'Kelsey.'
by The Alarmer February 06, 2013
4 25
she has lots on her mind. she may seem distracted alot&most the time she is. never shy, speaks her mind&stands up for her friends&what she believes in, she may seem like a bitch but its because she doesn't take anyones shit, she has to have music at all times&usually falls asleep listening to it, silence is her weakness, she doesn't think shes attractive but in reality she is absolutely gorgeous, spaces out alot especially near windows. always contemplating something. easy to get along with, everyone loves her unless you cross her. would never acctually intentionally hurt someones feelings, cares too much. she can always tell if somethings wrong, knows who is a real person or fake just by talking to them once, knows when people are lying. is very smart in school&on the street but doesn't always make the right decisions. she has alot planned for her self.she looks very innocent but she definatly isn't&can be the sexiest&kinkiest person you know if you can get to her that point. a big flirt, dare devil, will beat any challange, wont give up, usually has green/blue eyes. independant, not easily swayed, doesnt know what fear is, will introduce you to something new, extremely fun! will help with any problems&can give great advice from her own expierences, has had a hard life, but still smiles more than anyone you know. if you fall in love with her, you are lucky stay with her, if you are friends with her you can count on her to protect, stand up for&understand you no matter what.
wow, you know Kelsey?
yea shes great
you're so lucky
by reallbitchezzz January 10, 2012
17 4
The most beautiful and remarkable girl you will ever meet. She is funny, has a great personality, and is always fun to be around. She epitomizes all the love songs you hear on the radio. She will light up your world and if you have a shot go for it because you will never regret it. The greatest person you will ever meet. CAUTION if you get to know her you will fall for her.
Ive been talking to that girl and I think im starting to fall for her.

She must be Kelsey

by Im Falling For Kelsey May 15, 2012
11 0
The best friend you could ever ask for. She's funny, nice, absolutely gorgeous, and she will stick by you as long as you let her. She doesn't date the best guys but we all know a girl this perfect will find the right guy for her very soon. When in a relationship, she is fully devoted even if the guy she's with isn't. If u ever get a Kelsey, never ever ever let her go because she is the awesomest person I know :)
I wouldn't trade Kelsey for the world!! SISSYS FOREVER!!!
by BEST SISSY EVAHHH!! March 20, 2013
6 0
A very very sweet girl that loves animals and the world. She is the most easiest person to make friends with! She is super sweet and wouldnt hurt anyone on purpose. She can be shy when hanging around the guy she likes but can be VERY kinky in bed. She wants to show her bad side sometimes she just doesnt want everyone to know about it
Guy #1: Dang, have you see Kelsey in bed?
Guy #2: I didnt know she was like that!
by Thestraycat April 29, 2012
8 3
sweet, beautiful, smart, amazing girl who is the most loving person you will ever meet. She will always be there for you no matter what the circumstances are. It is either her way or the highway and can be a little baby at times, but its those moments that make you realize you love her. She is always willing to help out anyone she is close to. She is shy at first, but that changes very quickly. She likes to annoy who ever her partner is at the time by purposefully doing small things they don't like to mess with them. She will do anything to get her way even if that means crying to her parents. All together she is an amazing girl that you should never let go of because she is and will be the best thing in your life
person 1: Your girlfriend seems pretty awesome, what is her?

person 2: Kelsey
by drewk0 October 02, 2013
2 0
A nice girl/gal pal. Person who always has your back; very genuine, and down to earth; don't ever cross a Kelsey, especially if she's a Taurus!

If being a Taurus she'll usually makes jokes about her own clumsiness ways! She is a real trooper!
You almost walked into that pole; you're such a Kelsey!

by winnipegdude November 15, 2013
1 0
A girl who smells like cat litter
Boy: Hey whats that smell?
Girl: Oh, it's just Kelsey.
by Spider-Girl December 16, 2013
4 7