An oblivious, ignorant, foolish girl. One who does not consider others.
Girl #1: "I only care about a few people in the world!!!" evil cackle.

Girl #2: OMG, she just pulled a 'Kelsey.'
by The Alarmer February 06, 2013
this girl is the most amazing person you will EVER meet. she has impacted my life alot, more than anyone will ever know. Kelsey is simply....amazing. And if your dating a girl named kelsey, dont let her go.
"Dude your dating a Kelsey"?
"Yeah man why"?
"Cus they are amazing".
by MikenIke1610 April 12, 2010
A sweet and caring girl. She thinks she isn't pretty, but is the most attractive person there is. She is funny, and sometimes has dumb moments. She loves music, and candy. Is sometimes insecure but knows how to have a good time. Makes her friends feel better on a bad day. She usually has no patience for idiots or rude people. Has a huge heart and many friends. Stylish and loves to play sports and shop. Will wait for the right guy to come along to sweep her off her feet. Has a soft side for animals and children and will do anything to help. Gets easily confused, because she is most of the time.
Friend one: I'm having such an awful day.

Friend two: Sorry. Go see Kelsey! She makes everyone feel better!
by otisthedogg November 05, 2011
Kelsey: a loving person that is super kind and loves art music and her friends. If you ever meet one dont let her out of your sight because once shes gone, shes gone. Kelseys are some of the most amazing people ever. Their sweet, kind, loving, artsy, love the color purple and fricken adorable!!! If a Kelsey likes you dont lose her!
Danngggg that Kelsey is super nice...i think i love her
by kiwilover259 November 11, 2010
Kelsey is the most amazing person in the world. When you see her you already want to meet her, and when you meet her you really want to get to know her, once you know her you want to get close with her, and then if Kelsey thinks you are worthy of her amazingness, her intelligence and her infinite beauty you might get a chance to date her. Remember these words: "SHES A KEEPER" don't let her get away that is the worse thing you could do. Though she is shy she wants you to hold her hand and grab her by the waist, don't hesitate. She is popular with many guys but you are to never get jealous because she is faithful you are hers as she is yours. Her beauty is just a bonus to her exceeding sparkling personality and her intielligence is twice as much as yours. She is in love with animals and nature, especially cats, so get on that topic. Whatever you do, try to surprise her, be spontanious, romantic and love her the way she deserves, which is beyond any love imaginable.
Awe man your dating Kelsey! dammit i think im in love with her
by supersoccerdude10 August 10, 2010
A somewhat shy but otherwise sweet girl. She may feel self conscious at times, but it's up to you to make her feel special. She doesn't think she is especially pretty, but she is in fact extraordinarily beautiful. She likes all animals, but she really loves cats. She enjoys going for walks in parks. She loves being goofy with her good friends, but she hates feet. She is also proficient in gymnastics, so she is extremely flexible. She loves her blankie that she's had since childhood.

If you get to know, her, she will brighten your day unlike any other person you know. Her blonde hair and bright eyes will make your heart feel warm and fuzzy. She is loved by her friends, and she is missed terribly when she is not with them. She has been known to cause an uncontrollable urge to hug and kiss her. Kelsey is sensual, sexy and drop-dead gorgeous. Kelsey is an amazing girl in every aspect.
Kelsey is awesome!
by Mr.Khaki July 13, 2011
This woman is absolutely phenomenal. There are very few things she is not good at. She is definitely a charmer and can have any guy she wants but she is too free-spirited to settle or be tied down right now. She doesnt take many things too seriously. She loves to laugh and make others laugh. She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out with the kind of beauty you only see once in your lifetime. She is the ultimate "bring home to mom" kind of girl. Her eyes are breathtakingly irresistable and you cant help but to always want another glance. Everyone falls in love with this girl. She is beyond talented and has an eye for photography. She can be completely inappropriate, but you can't help but to love her and her crazy antics. Any time shared with her is a time to be remembered, its never dull. She has this sense of "Kelsey Composure" where she won't ever show her vulnerability unless you're very close to her. She absolutely loves music although she can't play a single instrument. She strives to be independent and doesnt expect anything from anyone. She is the least judgemental person you will ever meet and she doesnt care about your past, just the present. She lives for every moment and only has positive energy. She doesnt need to be entertained to have a good time. She can sit back and relax like one of the boys but is so sexy when she wants to be. She'll be your friend unless you give her a reason not to.
by Danny2487 August 04, 2011
the most amazing girl you'll ever meet in your god damn life
damn, kelsey is the most amazing girl ive ever met!
by tokkie July 22, 2009

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