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An oblivious, ignorant, foolish girl. One who does not consider others.
Girl #1: "I only care about a few people in the world!!!" evil cackle.

Girl #2: OMG, she just pulled a 'Kelsey.'
by The Alarmer February 06, 2013
4 29
most bad ass, extremely athletic and sexy person, typically a smart ass but cares a lot about the people he is closest to, hard core and slightly cocky but never lets it all go to his head. typically the quickest with comebacks, loves to listen to people, and enjoys proving people wrong. always up for a challenge and hates losing!
-that guy is so sarcastic, its funny
- i know he is such a kelsey
by uskinballa February 01, 2009
198 732
the hottest, prettiest, most skilled at everything little shorty eva!!! guys follow her around like bees on honey. she always smells good and ALWAYS looks FANTASTIC!!!! there simply is no one on earth that is better!!! when you see a kelsey you also see every guy you have ever liked following her around. Kelsey is all around amazing :)
here comes kelsey followed by thomas, lucas, cam, jared, brad, kyle, david, tyler, vince, derek, bobby, nick, micheal...etc.
by Kelsey may August 14, 2008
503 1143
THE finest female ever.?But on the real is the coolest, flyest, sexiest, prettiest girl the world has ever seen.?one tends to have a shortage of breathe when around such a stunning figure.
She is so amazing she can get what ever she wants, and is an amazing kisser. She is a great friend, who will do anything for those she loves.
When a Kelsey is in love with you, you will deffinatly know it.
Always tell her you love her if you do, and let her know when you think she looks espically gorgeous. Never let a Kelsey go.
damnit, i let that other guy get her. i should have never let that amazing Kelsey go...
by wildchild60 February 06, 2008
709 1439
THE finest female ever.
But on the real is the coolest, flyest, sexiest, prettiest gurl AIR PHILIPPINES has ever seen.
one tends to have a shortage of breathe when around such a stunning figure.
Can do tricks with her chest... its more of a gift that she has.
AIR PHILIPPINE'S cutty buddy.
THE Definition of G.G.W.B GoodGodWaddaBooty
WOAH! did you see the trick Kelsey can do??? its crazy!

GOOD GOD KELSEY! youz a tall glass of water...... AND IM THIRSTAY....

by AIR PHILIPPINES January 22, 2008
396 1382
short,sexy,hot girl with tight pussy
1.i love my kelsey
by jesse caballero July 10, 2008
210 1270
A dance that contains many black men and skeet.
Black Guy: DAMN, do the kelsey on that hoe!
by Glovin March 28, 2008
189 1285
1.A guys name that originates from Scotland.

2.The most gangsta white guy in DA WORLD!

Wendy,"I saw Kelsey yesterday."

Sue,"LIKE NO WAYZ! HES SO CUTE!!!!11!!!!!1."

Wendy,"Wtf sue? We aren't online you stupid H03Z!!!"

Sue,"I like Kelsey. He has mad 5KI11Z!!!111!!!!1!!"

Wendy," Lololololololol, omgwtfbbqroflmywaffelz!!!!!one!!!"
by PartyTaco December 06, 2006
240 1439