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An oblivious, ignorant, foolish girl. One who does not consider others.
Girl #1: "I only care about a few people in the world!!!" evil cackle.

Girl #2: OMG, she just pulled a 'Kelsey.'
by The Alarmer February 06, 2013
A Kelsey, in short, is an intelligence void. It is the IQ Level, lower than vegetable, meaning that this person has a negative IQ. Just being close to this person can cause slow and painful brain loss, which will result in the eventual transformation into a vegetable and Kelsey as well.
Dude... it is soooo awesome to hang out with Kelsey... yea... totally... ghhhra...daa...da.
by White Turtle August 02, 2009
usually refers to a girl who dresses like a slut, with short skirts, but surprisingly isnt a slut. she is also a total flirt
Girl 1: omg is that kelsey over there?
Girl 2: um do u see how short that skirt is? it has to be kelsey
by xlolhehex August 22, 2009
a wanna be girl who's stuck up and thinks she's the shiznit!!! could never win a fight because she CAN'T fight!
Ugh! She's acts like kelsey!
by ima hata blocka! April 07, 2009
major bitch that swears too much. boyfriend stealer. will soon be a whore the way shes heading. makes bad decisions in her life. cant pick out right guys. isnt resposible.
wow look at kelsey over there flirting with my boyfriend!
by kiki hatchi January 05, 2009
Kelsey is a somewhat weird gurl.. she tends to just laugh when people say shes pretty cuz she knows its not true. Dont lie to her face! shell kick it in. She tends to use words most people find weird. She says that things will be ok but deep down she knows its not true. And unless you make her mad shell always love you. She knows how to kick butt but can be very nice at the same time.
i have nothing to put here. yet! but if you have a picture of a kelsey like this feel free to add it =]
by psuradork October 28, 2008
Oh, you know, that one red-headed chick at your school that thinks shes all that but she really isn't. Jkjk... She's actually very good at singing and has this uncanny capability to be quite funny. She's a good friend to have... I mean, nothing negative can come from being friends with her, honestly. Very few know this but me and her are secret lovers. I saved her from savage gnomes once, thats how it all began... She hangs our picture in her locker. Whenever I'm not telling her how much I love her I'm crying on the inside thinking of how much I want to be with her. Whenever I text her or call her, she is desperately wishing that I was there, with her... ANYWAYS, back to kelsey. She's a good student in school, has a good sense of humor, and everybody loves her. She cries in just about every movie that she sees... EVERY MOVIE!!! (From what I've heard at least). So, to sum it all up, if I were you, I'd be pretty jealous of kelsey.
That kool, red-headed chick over there with all the cute guys around her is such a kelsey!
by peterockpeterson March 28, 2009
A very small, rare form of owl.
Joe: dude i saw a kelsey the other day! Bob: cool!
by dlinj March 25, 2009