An oblivious, ignorant, foolish girl. One who does not consider others.
Girl #1: "I only care about a few people in the world!!!" evil cackle.

Girl #2: OMG, she just pulled a 'Kelsey.'
by The Alarmer February 06, 2013
I'm as confused as an uneatable cake.. Must be a "Kelsey".

If gravity didn't exist, Kelsey would still be on the ground.

Who ate all the PIES!!!??? ...Kelsey... Duh!
the bitchiest girl you'll ever meet . guys think shes an angel , but in reality shes a whore that cares about nothing besides her hair , how much tighter she can get her shirt and skirt , and how many penises she can get inside her vagina at one time .
guy: hey , do you know that girl over there ? she seems so perfect .
girl: that's a kelsey , unless you want to pick up an std , stay away from her .
by lovelymiss277 June 26, 2011
A MANGINA a girl with a large dick who puts it on her dresser and keeps it alive by keeping it in a jar....... Most annoying girl in the world and is really full of herself and thinks that everyone loves her... I mean who else has a fucking dick in a jar
by SammieLeibham April 29, 2011
Kelsey is the dirtiest swear word in the English language. A Kelsey is a morally corrupt thief and has very few brain cells. This is because the remedial Kelsey snorts, smokes, shoots up, or pops them all away. The sluttiest of all females, a Kelsey has lost count of her bedpost notches. Kelseys are known to be dramatic, and they like to distort a situation and spread vicious rumors when you have been put on her shit list for trying to help her. Kelseys are known to be users and abusers and they can be the worst mothers in the world. One of these broads uses the crocodile tears to lure you in, then when you have served your purpose, she will warp your time spent with her and use it as sob story for her next victim.
Guy: Dude, why do you look so angry?

Dude: I felt bad for this girl I met because she "had been treated so badly". So, I took her in and fed her, only to have her steal from me and throw herself on the floor and yell "Why did you hit me?" when I confronted her in the most civil way possible. When I told her psychotic ass to leave, she started making up stories about how badly I treated her.

Guy: Dude, it sounds like you got Kelsey'd.
by Lovely Red December 13, 2010
(n) :a kelsey is a being of strong mannerism. kelsey's are scrappy and take no shit off anyone, they will fight on sandbars, attack boyfriends, and yell furiously if provoked. kelsey's have been known to carry herpies, although not all kelsey's do.
like omg that redneck girl who's top fell off... she's such a kelsey.

omg... you hooked up with like 7 guys last night- you kelsey.
by Mister Pickle September 23, 2010
a girl that is so hott she makes your eyes melt. has one liners that will keep you laughing for days. when he hair blows in the breeze everyone can't help but stop in thier tracks and stare. is a hard worker and enjoys reading books about Obamas family. likes her windows open all the time, and hates light when she is trying to sleep. she is a dirty hoe that swears up a storm. she also dresses to impress the males. watch out world kelsey is here and taking names!
Woah I met this girl last night at the Ridge...she was so hott my eyes melted!

You must of met a Kelsey.

No, I think I must of had to many jello shots.

by mballer1990 September 20, 2009
The freaking sweetest girl ever, but most dont know it. One tends to have a shortage of breathe when around such a stunning figure. It's been said to get lost in her eyes. She is a great friend, who will do anything for those she loves. When a Kelsey is in love with you, you will definitely know it. Always tell her you love her if you do, and never let a Kelsey go.
by Anonymous! :) December 22, 2008

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