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The best most prettiest girl you will ever meet. She nice funny and beautiful ! She so cool with a big booty and pretty face
"Omg that Kelsei is such a celebrity "
"I wanna be a Kelsei"
"I would so date that Kelsei "
by A kelsei April 21, 2013
Good friend. Funny, smart witted, likes vine boys. Has a lot of relationship troubles but is a good girlfriend. Sometimes overthinks. Has a lot of unloyal friends. Likes memes on instagram. High self esteem. Good butt. Likes softball. Her voice is nice too.
Kelsei is so legit.
by ldalt165 September 20, 2015
A type of heavily cocaine addicted prostitute often seen outside of rural petrol stations working for a nice price
That chick who was working at the BP was such a kelsei!
by bigbeef27 January 16, 2010
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