A sexy chick that is a well-rounded person. Always hot and usually intelligent. she is super popular and is a people person and has lots of friends. Never a slut or hoe and part of upper class families. Usually too fine for the average ass hole. Always gets hit on by guys, is a go getter, great in bed (especially with boners), super loud but shy when you first meet her, has high aspirations, usually athletic, always kind and sweet, and extremely beautiful in her exotic facial features and countenance.
Hey did you see that girl? She is sooooo fine...
That's Kelsea...
Damn no wonder...

That Kelsea has a tight pussy, hard nipples, and a great ass..

Ha good luck seducing her... she's way too fine for you bro.
by ilikemesoometits November 27, 2011
Top Definition
Shes a kool kat, no matter what way you look at it
Everyones jelous of her cuz shes hot and sexy and no gurl cud ever keep up wit her
Look at that chick, shes fukken sexy. Must be a kelsea.
by sexybizziatch!! May 26, 2009
An Awesomly Awesome Person Who Isnt Afraid To Do Anything Embarrassing Unless Its Infront Of Her Crush; Likes To Make A Fool Of Herself; Very Random

also known as banana boo

Dear john...if you dont come back i will be gone...LMAO
Oh My Gosh...You are So Being A Kelsea Right Now
by bubbles123love February 04, 2010
a person who will probably laugh at anything. someone very nice and funny. likes writing silly songs off the top of their head. gets along with everyone, even the H4T3R$$$SsSsSsS. a person with a big heart and a lot of love. always has a goal that gets completed. someone who is at their best in the summer. a person who will make you smile, thats a promise.
i love you kelsea. =)
by Jakey<3 and noah! March 02, 2008
A complete stranger who seems very legit (and kinda cute) and really needs to quit slacking so we can hang out ;)
Man I met this girl on facebook and she is a total Kelsea!
by Elpasomakesmyhandsdry February 03, 2010
A sweet, adorable, fun-loving girl that always knows how to make me laugh. She herself has many different laughs and each one is adorable and will crack you up. She is kind to almost everyone and gets along with most people. She's easy to talk to and a great listener, even though she might not have advice to fix your situation. She is all around an amazing person.
Why can't you be more like Kelsea? She's amazing.
by LoveLea33 January 07, 2013
hick with pms, funny, cusses too much, major hoe
i hate kelsea
by yohoe!!! April 09, 2009
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