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A Kelpos is an animalos belonging to neither the cat nor dog family but somewhere in the middle hence the name Kelpos. A Kelpos can be identified from its neanderthal like behavior which resembles that of an un-tamable animal who is always on the alert, always sad, never or rarely happy, panics over every sound and movement made and are known to be specifically dumb but a Kelpos can be identified more easily from its anatomy which resembles that of a Bezunus.

A Kelpos is as solid as a rock, yet if you have a Kelpos at home it is important to note that these animals are quite fragile due to their suicidal mode of life so special effort has to be made to ensure its safety and longevity.

Source: 5 Years of studying this magnificent specimen.
Manglus a.k.a Ansem/Bebi/Mitzi/Kelpos
by Mr. Mangu September 20, 2010
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