The act of removing an adhesive bandage from the penis or scrotum placed over a laceration which occurred while trimming or shaving off pubic hair.
"What the hell is up with Jake? Why is he walking so slowly?"
"Poor Jake! His b.f. won't let him pop 'n flop unless he has a shorn nutsack. But he almost cut off his man-berries last night with a razor!"
"Oh dude! Just wait! The worst is yet to come! Tonight he has to deal with a nasty Kelly Ripa!!"
"Holy fuck!! Better him than me!!"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity March 31, 2010
Top Definition
verb; to intentionally mislead someone for humourous purposes
"you totally Kelly Ripa'd me!"
by Matt A. H. Simpson April 02, 2006
The lady on the Regis and Kelly show on NBC weekdays at 9Am. Her most common phrase to use is "mmmmmmmmmmm" She answers "mmmmmmmm" to any and every comment made by Regis. Another favorite phrase of hers is "That's funny, or "you know, that's funny"
Regis "I went to the state fair over the weekend"
Kelly Ripa "mmmmmmmmmmmm"
Regis "yes, and my favorite part of the State fairs is......(whatever his favorite is)
Kelly: "mmmmmmmmmmm" you know, that's funny, because I like that too-wull"
(her way of saying the word too)

by Regis fan August 12, 2008
Famous women who follow west coast, Hollywood fashion trends (European look, chic look, etc) and daytime talk shows hosts who have great legs but don't wear pantyhose, stockings, nylons or tights because of said fashion trend's, also due to cultural conditioning, genetic sensitivity, sensitivity's to smells of pantyhose, nylons, stockings and tights, false memory's of ugly so called grandma pantyhose and fashion by eccentric designer's, etc.
I wanna date a woman that likes wearing pantyhose, stockings, nylons and tights, not a Kelly Ripa.
by 4thcoming July 15, 2015
Kelly Ripa is the act of being unfunny.
Kelly Ripa is an unfunny person who stars in the show Regis and Kelly which is a morning show. She constantly thinks that telling people that she looks more like a guy. She is also synonymous with saying how crappy of a parent she really is to her kids.

To pull a Kelly Ripa would be to say something that only you finds funny.
by TRRRRRR May 02, 2010
A variant of owned, used when you've OMGSWERVE'd someone and made them look the fool.

Used like "owned", because we'd all like to be owned by Ripa while she spanked us with a paddle, while dressed like a schoolgirl, and made us lick her legs like a sexy lollipop.
"Hey WT, I appreciate you showing pics of your wang and new Prince Albert.","O RLY?","No, you just got KELLY RIPA'D!!!!"
by Mr Funny October 07, 2006
A bump lady. Also a daytime TV personality.
Don't say bump around Kelly Ripa unless you have some. She should grease her girls' wheels and get connected with a clever black accountant, fo shizzle.
by see you on the field October 04, 2006
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