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Hands down the worst female wrestler of all time. Has no talent whatsoever, and the only thing she's good at is rubbing her butt in other diva's faces. Every time I see her i always have to go to the bathroom because I think she is a big disgrace to wrestling. Period.
Brainless fan: Hey did you watch kelly kelly win the divas title on raw?

Fan with a brain: No i was in the bathroom. I hate her anyways.
by afterlifea7x July 27, 2011
One of the worst WWE Divas in the history of professional wrestling. Has been in the WWE for over 5 years & got her 1st title reign a few months ago. And it has been said that she "gets around".
Randy Orton - "Yeah, she does get around. I can name about 10 guys she has been with. All of them in professional wrestling."

Randy Orton - "I like Kelly Kelly."

NOTE: WWE Superstar, Randal Keith Orton, got in "trouble" for airing Kelly's personal life on a live radio broadcast. Hence the fact why he said "I like Kelly Kelly" at Wrestlemania 27 AXXESS.
by prettylittlemizfit October 24, 2011