Just an ordinary girl who enjoys music and life. She's just a girl who wants to have a good time and party with friends. She's also known to talk in a ghetto accent. Yes, that's the one right thurr. She believe's she's destined to marry either Billy Martin or Frank Iero.
Kells was dancing around her room to Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance. "Yeah Ma. I'll be right thurr."
by Kells February 11, 2005
its the gay team
was once nice now he be called sandy apparently, he cant hold a conversation for his life caus he is to damn ssssssssstttttttttoooooooopppiiiiiiidddd ha ha fleeced so there
by la la November 17, 2003
a rare gay smelling uncommom cheese found in the depts of santry.tinks he owns every girl in the world but hes secretly gay,dats rite i no gary.
can i have roll wit ham,kells & a bit of mayo. i love my hair.
by dutch gold man October 14, 2003
Fuckin cheesey fuck who keeps meetin this rotten pam bird and she looks about 4...
"good?" pam???
thanks for those DREDS kells...NICE?
cuz your a fagit kells.....
Ex member of RATM.
Got kicked out for wankin in the guitarist's mouth while asleep....

S O U N D ???????
cheesey american fuckin wannbe emokid SAP!
he's gay, he's kells.....
by Its Fuckin Grif And Bob November 22, 2003
Synonym for bitch/mole
Damn that woman is such a kells
by Sonic October 20, 2003
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