A natural beauty who’s smile will take your breath away. She is a true friend with a kind heart and will never let you down. Calm and responsible, she is the ultimate untouchable beauty who will haunt your dreams every night after you hear her musical voice.
she's a total Kellea!!!
by jnrof69 December 15, 2010
kellea has a heart of gold and a million watt smile. she's trendy and eclectic, and you cant leave her alone with a pair of scissors lest she come out with a new haircut. she likes to laugh and sing even if no one wants to hear it. she'll help you out when in a jam and will even let you nuzzle into her tiny breasts if you ask nicely.
whoo-wee, i got me some wild grown kellea--none of that farm-raised shit.
by joy velvet February 02, 2010

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