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Probably the most smart person in the world who is most certainly not a know it all, he is just surround by a bunch of ignorant idiotic fools who are too stupid to realize who's amazing presence they are in. He is not only extremely intelligent and far from ignorant, but he is also incredibly handsome, good looking, outstandingly SEXY, has a huge penis, has the potential to get all the ladies, is overwhelmingly talented, really strong and fit, and is so friendly, nice, and polite, that when people see him they say ooooohhh kelan, and ponder at his extremity of awesomeness. He's amazing and king of pizza. The evolved homosapien
Guy 1: Liam and Marcus combined are not half the man of kelan
Guy 2: i agree, who wouldn't, kelan is legendary
by ELITEIRISHMAN July 19, 2014
A smart person that can sometimes act like a know it all, but never the less still a cool person.
Ah, you can never win with that guy.
Kelan who else.
by Snowboardguy15 July 08, 2014

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