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Two shots of vodka mixed with Orangette. This libation was made famous by Kel Kimble from the 1990s hit show "Kenan and Kel." He was always fuckin' wasted. Why did you think he loved orange soda so much?
We got so sloppy with kels last night, basketball superstar Ron Harper would have surely slipped and become injured.
by Champ (Scooter) January 01, 2010
Charming, funny, intelligent and sly. You have to be quick with a Kels, they can charm you like no other. They may surprise you with their humor, but it's always refreshing. A Kels is one of a kind, unique and totally lovable.
He was such a Kels! Wished I'd gotten to know him better...
by S. Barbie November 07, 2011
a word that makes you smile.. it pops up on screen and you cant help but grin
thats your fone.. its kel!!
press 5 for kel
by luvs69sss August 08, 2010
Single as of today.
Ieth: That show tonight was great.
Kel: thanks for the ride man I needed to get out.

Ieth: (Driving in the car talking) Yeah he had a thing for _____ for years and she was a cock tease.

Kel: Wait, he told me she chased him and they never dated. she said he chased her down for a relationship and he was a huge liar and I shouldn't trust him.

Ieth: Oh, shit I thought you knew. Don't Break up with him you were the best thing to ever happen to him.
Kel: Too late, I've lost enough including my sanity with this slack ass no good for nothing, non driving asshole of a liar. It's over. Crap man now I have to go shake my home girls hand and tell her I'm an ass. Cluck Men

(Walks threw the door goes to bed and wakes up letting the person Mr. wrong that she is leaving him today:)
by ?????????UntilfurtherNotice;) January 24, 2010
Tub gal, who eats most of the day.
Needy girlfriend
Kels is my girl man, don't be baggin on Kels.
KP! Kels Potratz, she eats... n shit man
Kels and I man, only spend like 100 bucks a month man.
Kels told me man,

Kels is fo' me and not for you.
by Beaners90210 November 20, 2010
being superior to everyone else. being superior in every single way.
man you're kels! we should hang out!
by naticus April 23, 2006
To be black, handsome and rich, plus sing.
R. Kelly (or Kels) is a dog on the prowl, when he's walking through the mall. If he could, man, he'd probably flirt with all of "y'all."
by chi_town May 24, 2007
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