British actress, born 26 March 1985.
I saw POTC and now I'm a fan of Keira Knightley.
by who_me October 03, 2003
The most unbelievably stunningly beautiful person who has ever set foot on this planet. Some people say that she can't act or is ugly, personally I think that they should be made to watch Pride and Prejudice, and then shot.
Keira Knightley, Great Britain's #1 export! ( next to soccer of course )
by Ciaran B October 13, 2006
A hell hot chik u da buttaflies...
'man shes hot'
'yeah thats keira knightley'
by Smith May 01, 2004
1.A very pretty girl that a lotta girls are like "Oh my God, Keira Knightley is so awesome". I know a girl who is obsessed with Keira Knightley, but no, she is not a lesbian. Keira Knightley is pretty, but come on! Enough is enough.
2. Elizabeth Swan in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Girl 1: Oh my God, if a movie doesn't have Keira Knightley in it, the movie sucks!
Girl 2: For sure, girl!
Me: What the Hell?
by Keira Knightly Banger July 21, 2006
A attractive young attress with SOME acting talent who i respect because she got into the acting business without having tits. *by the way, in pirates of the caribean, they where digitally enhanced* although she lacks emotion in her acting.
Keira Knightley has my respect
by rachelistypingthis July 26, 2006
Synonymous of badly actress.
Her Performance Sucks!!
Elizabeth Killed Captain Jack Sparrow and Keira Knightley Kissed Johnny Depp... BITCH!!!

Why don't you just kill yourself girl?
by Donkey Penis July 27, 2006
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