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A term used to refer to a beautiful, intelligent person. Usually with long hair and lots of friends. The opposite of a "David".
Boy 1: wow! You see that Keira?
Boy 2: Her hair is amazing
by Louis99hundred June 06, 2007
Pretty girl, likes extreme sports, lots of laughter&good sex. Creative, pushes boundaries but lacks self confidence and is probably more beautiful then she realises. Likes to win, but doesnt often, competitive and likes to rock it at the top when she cant win. Kind to family and friends-but often does too much for them. Parties hard & can be relied upon by the other crazy party-ers that she'll be there with them long into the night when everyone else has left!

Always the girl on the team/in the crowd/at work who speaks her mind and says 'theres an elephant in the room'!! when everyone thinks it,... but nobody says it. A fiercely loyal friend-if you screw her over once-you wont again. Definately thinks too much and is a complete dreamer.

Fiesty and firey and the guys like her.
Friend 1: Woah did you see that chick....
Friend 2: Yeh she was rippinnn it up
Friend 3: course she was - thats Keira - she'd kick ur ass
by 010101010 February 24, 2010
A hot girl, a hopeless romantic who wants a guy to bring her flowers and hug her at the end of the day

An amazing singer and actress who loves it when she receives applauses at the end of performances

Sometimes a bitch, but people usually love her deep down inside, just look to the bottom of your heart, you love her a little bit.
1. Person 1: She's soo hot, and we had an amazing date last night!
Person 2: Was her name Keira?

2. Person 1: Amazing show!
Person 2: Well duhh, it was Keira!

3. Person 1: That girls a BITCH!
Person 2: But ya love her!
by Rawwr652 December 13, 2010
an actress who has stared in the Hole, Pirates of the Carabean,Pride & Prejudice, and the Jacket
Keira Knightley is a well known actor.
by Autococker42g@comcast.net April 20, 2006
An Uhhhhhhmazing girl, who is in love with an even more Uhhhhhhmazing guy.

& a ryan.... is just the most perfect boyfriend a girl could want!!
A perfect couple.
Woa, that keira is seriously in love with that ryan
by Keira <3 May 19, 2008
a snotty lieing bitch with a hat in her cat. usually telling things that arent true.
Ron:Did you hear about Keira?
Bill: Yeah i heard she has a hat in her cat.
by alex saunders February 04, 2010