A fanon pairing, within the Higurashi fanbase, that is completely based on how cute they look together.

Keiichi x Rena seems to be prefered, despite obviously not being the official pairing.

The most biased based pairing in the history of the world.

NOTE: Most Keiichi x Rena fans are Mion Sonozki hater and will bash her for no apparent reason.
Keiichi x Rena Fan#1 : Rena sure beats Mion when it comes to Moe! (Being cute)

Keiichi x Rena Fan#2: IKR! That's why Keiichi likes her!111!!!1!!!!<<33333

((My point: /InsertSarcasmHereYes, because 'being cute' really serves as the base of relationships nowadays! It doesn't matter how good a person you are! 8D /EnedSarcasm
by Tsundere_Chama August 22, 2010

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