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An unfortunate congenital disease that affects 1 in 50,000 newborn girls.

Keighley Perkins Syndrome, or KPS is a genetic abnormality that causes several disorders. These include: extremely heavy monobrow, mild retardation, the writing of atrocious poetry and an ironic predisposition towards hating other people who are different. It is often caused by incest in the family.

Although there is no know cure, many people have volunteered euthanasia in extreme cases, more as a relief for friends and relatives of sufferers of the condition than the sufferer themselves.

There have been no know casualties or deaths from KPS, yet over 20 non sufferers have commited suicide and almost 500 have suffered fatal brain hemorrhages after listening to poetry written by a KPS victim.
The poetry of a local Keighley Perkins Syndrome sufferer is thought to be responsible for the suicide of 4 people in the Greater Manchester Area alone.
by Dawn.Hobbs May 29, 2010
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