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a planet in star wars
Kegan was a planet located in the Outer Rim Territories.
by Griefmaker February 18, 2011
50 28
Every Woman's Dream
Wow, I dream of Kegan
by asdfgfddsa May 02, 2005
343 176
The Awesome
by anonymous September 20, 2003
281 175
An amazing, caring, funny, smart, and loving guy. Will do anything to make his girlfriend happy. Super nerdy, but in a good way. May come off as a cheap guy who does nothing for his girlfriend but in reality has made her life so much better. Very easy to love. Usually attracted to girls with a name that starts with an 'H'. If you date a Kegan, you are the luckiest girl in the world.
"Did you see that guy over there? He seems nice."

"Ya, hes a real Kegan."
by JapaneseCherryBlossom4965 August 23, 2011
63 20
an amazing, sweet, funny guy with gorgeous eyes and a great personality. He is a beastin' lax and soccer player. I wish he was mine.
Girl: "I sure would like to marry a Kegan someday"
by youaresocoollikewow April 12, 2011
59 38
Cupcake loving angel dressed in pink.
Wow, Did you just see Kegan.
by Griefmaker February 18, 2011
60 43
A beautiful, loveing, careing, smart, funny girl. She'll do anything the make her boyfriend happy. Super nerdy, but in a good way. Usually with gorgeous eyes and best body figure, and great personality. Loves with all she has. Once you have a kegan don't let her go, she's one of a kind.
Look at that kegan. Dangggg
by CKGW November 20, 2013
2 2