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An egotistical asshole who enjoys long walks on the beach, fisting, and calling himself God.
Hey are you Keeya?
I sure love fisting, so yeah I guess I am Keeya
by poopycockmonster June 18, 2013
1. An act of Javananizing
2. Of or relating to Keeya or to his actions

1. A thing that is unable to find any reason for its existence. It is commonly mistakened for chewbacca but is not exactly the same. The differences include his voice, and the fact of his age. The differences are very subtle, and thus is very hard to differentiate from the two.
Don't make me get all keeya on your ass.

Hurry up or I will have to show you my inner keeya, and I'm sure you'll know what will happen if I do.
by asdf-david October 03, 2007