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A male midget.
Look! A Keenan! Lol!
by yourmom1123 January 16, 2013
One who's current girlfriend aborted a previous boyfriend's baby...
I can't believe that he's still dating her after her abortion...what a keenan
by cjames00000 March 10, 2011
An insult, Usually Meaning Someone Is Stupid Or Clumsy.
Gary You Keenan! You Just Put WD40 Under Your Arms!
by Grubbs Grady February 12, 2008
A really weird kid, never washes his hair, really loud.
Did you see Keenan today? His hair is so disgusting!
by BobbyJohn November 09, 2006
1: Retard
2: Stupidest person ever
3: K'Nan or K'Naynay
K'Naynay (Keenan) is the stupiest, most retarded person ever.
by XFNTFAAOVI January 16, 2010
keenan- normally a major d bag but he thinks he's funny. Wears muscle shirts to show off his "bulky toned" muscles which happen to be bone with skin lying on top. Probably drives a BMW which he will end up crashing, most likely racing. Probably doesn't know anything about cars but pretends too. Dresses like a fag. Goes to salsa clubs to pick up on hott "ladies" which if I'm correct are sweaty men with hairy chests. Just an all around general faggot... (-: FAG!
Why are you being such a keenan?? Cause I'm gay!
by closest thing keenan has July 10, 2008