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A 'Keenan through ball' is a colloquial term derived from the latin saying 'Keenan throughith ballith'. It has been adopted more recently to describe a beatifully flighted chip pass in Fifa 11 of which only one man can complete, seriously only one man. Throughout history the term has been heard on numerous occasions such as when the Romans first invaded Britain; artefacts found read "Gregoran Keenantiosis, a high ranking chief of the empire, a Legotas Regionas if you will, was seen in town today, his hat tilted ever so slightly, which made all around want to be in his gang per chance, was moving fair maidens along when his hat, or officially Roman war helmet (from All Saints), suddenly fell to the ground. Aghast, rather than lose face with said vixens all around, Gregoras took one touch of the helmet with his left boot, then with his right and graciously proceeded to deliver the most poetic flick, spinning the helmet high through the air to a passing Centurion who volleyed it in to a passing carriage." Seen by many as an act of lunacy at the time, history dictates that what was witnessed that day went on to change many peoples lives as well as form the template for Italian football many centuries later.
Keenan through ball, As above
by Pontius Pilate213 March 05, 2011
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