A gorgeous model type girl who will be your true love. All the boys will eventually fall in love with her amazing, funny, caring personality. Although, she crushes a lot she saves her heart for just one person and if you are ever lucky enough to be in a relationship with her she will always be faithful and understanding and love you no matter what you do. But you need to deserve her heart for her to truly love you
Boy: hey, do you wanna go out sometime?
Keeley: sorry, I have a boyfriend...
by mrsbrooks July 03, 2013
Top Definition
A girl's name of Celtic and Irish origin that is based on a familiar surname. Meaning: Irish: "brave warrior."

Keeley is full of joy and hopeful for a successful future. She has a compassion for others and a desire to help when needed. Her beauty is apparent and her suitors are many. All are drawn to her. She truly is a brave warrior and an inspiration to everyone who knows her.
"Why can't we all be like Keeley?!"
by Beautyforashes70 February 02, 2010
name of celtic origin meaning beautiful
keeley is a gorgeous name
by ksmummy March 16, 2009
An amazing girl with the most gorgeous, sexy eyes ever. She can be very quiet but once she opens up you better be ready for a crazy party animal. She's very caring and loves animals especially cats. She's also very smart and is one of the funniest people you'll ever meet. She has great friends who want to her to stop being so insecure and OWN her updo! She'll never realize it but all guys secretly love her but are too scared to tell an independent woman how much they care about her.
Ben: Dude I have the biggest crush on Keeley she's so hot, but I'm worried about telling her.

Frank: Just do it man!

Ben: eh maybe next week.
Perfect. Long brown silky hair and beautiful blue eyes. A Keeley is the perfect girl to be a model. Guys love her and girls want to be her. Kind of outspoken, but the best friend and girlfriend anyone could ever have. She is trustworthy, smart, and funny. She is the whole package.
Man: "I wish I gave Keeley a chance. She's perfect."
by snapbacksandtattoos September 26, 2013
A keeley is a girl that no other girl compares with, she's beautiful, amazing and just so perfect. If you ever find a keeley it will be the best thing that could ever happen to you she will make your life better and make you happy, she's really caring and funny, never let a keeley go.
Guy 1: why haven't you been out recently?
Guy 2: got myself a girlfriend
Guy 1: that's no excuse
Guy 2: she's a keeley
Guy 1: OMG you're so lucky, I understand now
by beecj015 July 23, 2013
it isnt a whore how rude >:( some keeleys might be but some keeleys can also be very nice meaning me lmao :)
keeley gives her seat up on the bus for old ladys lmao XD
by keeley >:) October 09, 2008
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