A random made up word that a person says right before he is about to smoke weed with a friend. Later on, after they are completely baked, you both remember the word and have a laugh attack because of how funny it sounds.
Bob: yo u ready to blaze up this dankass alabama kush?
Larry: Ye nigga... KEEBLER.
Bob: wtf???????
(later on)
by max weinsteeen March 29, 2010
Lol....a code name for gay men
"Damn, Rob is such a keebler"
by Christy February 11, 2003
A queer. Gay men who hang out tasting each other's hot cookies.

See also: Keeb.
Guy 1: My what a tassty Sssaulsaulito.

Guy 2: Back off Keebler!
by tlet March 27, 2008
Slang I coined. Refers to that wanna be white guys who hangs out at Inner City (All Black) night clubs.

A Club Cracker
Yo check out dat Keebler trying to Pop n lock.
Look like dat muh-fuh got da eplepsy or sumpin'
by Mark Smith December 03, 2004
Word in which is often compared to other vulgarities such as asshole, or douche bag.
Dude your a damn keebler.
by John Miller June 19, 2003
A blast off a key.
Hey grab la chingadera and set me up with a key blurb.
by Anonymous April 12, 2003
When you take a shit on a girl's vagina and then fuck it until it bleeds so her vag looks like a kewei and chocolate kober.
Tim: yo did you hear ms.quick is making kids read over senior trip?
Mike: whatever... somebody must have gave that bitcha a nice fat keebler when she was a kid.
by kyle cavano March 29, 2010

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