A female of elfin attributes often found amidst cornfield and mountains.
Illinois isn't the same since the Keebler moved to Colorado.
by Troy Fuchs August 28, 2003
Top Definition
Keebler is another word for hipster that does not carry the same negative pejorative connotation. That kid riding his bike through Wicker Park with a u-lock tucked in the back pocket of his skinny jeans? That girl in the vintage dress selling her homemade empanadas at a Williamsburg farmer's market? They're keeblers, and proud.
I know that bar is a huge keebler hangout but the drinks are cheap and the jukebox is loud.

I totally made out with that cute keebler girl with the lip piercing after the kickball game.
#hipster #elves #irony #mustache #tight pants #pbr #chuck taylors #cookies #biscuits #bikes #living in trees
by Lorena Cupcake June 18, 2010
A white person;

From keebler the elf.
According to the well known cereal advertisement there are no non-white keebler, hence the name;
"Shit Tyrone, damn keebler is trippin'!"
by nn nn nibler August 11, 2003
Keeblers are trashy looking festy girls or boys, often wearing furry leg warmers, and elfin like clothing found for sale at festivals like Earthdance. Keeblers are often fucked up on Molly, Acid, or Mushrooms on a daily basis. Activities Keeblers enjoy are womp womp music, orgies, spinning fire, hooping and sweaty cuddle puddles. You often find them at Raves and Dubstep shows around town.
Julie: "Did you see that keebler out there on the dance floor?"

Kayce: "Yeah... she is totally keebin' in those fur boots and fuzzy bear hat, totally high on Molly."

Julie: "Look at all her keebler friends over there."

Kayce: "Imagine the sweaty cuddle puddle they'll end up in after this show."

Julie: "Gross."
#skank #druggie #raver #dirty #elf #womp womp #dubsteper
by Jucily June 19, 2011
A rare strain of potent Cannabis. Keebler Kush is known for its cookie after taste and giddy high.
well damn, these keeblers are dense pebbles
#kush #sour diesel #bomb #purp #jib
by ahusain October 31, 2009
Oral sex from a midget. Preferably fellatio.
Man, I just got a keebler from one of Santa's helpers!
#keebler #fellatio #midget #oral #sex
by Mastiboy November 30, 2006
The process of a small dog ,such as the pekingese, sexually mounting another mammal.

Hey dude! Kodee's tyring to keebler your cat again.
#pekingese #fuckmook #assbag #doggy style #poor cats
by el Socko June 22, 2006
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