Keds are a rare sub-species of homo sapien. When trying to picture a ked...

1st) think of a normal high schooler.
2nd) take away; reason, rationale, accountablilty, and the ability to think cognitively.
3rd) add; anger management issues, alcohol, lack of respect for authoritive figures, and an overall "eff you" demeanor.

She's such a Ked
What a fuckin Ked
#kid #ogre #child #children #ked
by Stefex November 13, 2007
Top Definition
a woman's sneaker, usually white, that young girls, older ladies, punk rockers and cheerleaders wear. Known to be a very american shoe. very popular in late 80's and into the 90's. they come in many different styles also but white leather is known best. Also keds have been a known fetish for many people. Keds will become popular again.
You should get some keds and be loved.
#keds #ked #sneakers #pimsols #fetish #women #shoes
by linda-love November 09, 2008
"buddy" person of any age. Friend. Aquaintance.
whatever ked. Alright Ked? How do you like that ked?
#kid #kidd #kedd #buddy #bruh
by J L Leela February 09, 2010
Telluride vernacular for the female mammary organs.
Damn, she's got a nice pair of keds. Did she go to Telluride High?
#boobs #tits #knockers #breasts #funbags
by kedlover01 May 19, 2010
A person who thinks that the only way to uplift himself is to put others down.
Don't be a ked to society.
You jerk, you are being such a ked right now, thinking you are better than me.
#ked #jerk #snob #bully #asshole
by themartian1000 February 28, 2011
shortened/'gangsta' way of saying 'kid' or taking to someone younger or 'lower' than you.
wha u upto ked?
#ked #gangsta #shortened #words #kid
by Emz139 March 19, 2009
The shortened version of dick head. Often heard from townies
Shut up ya ked
by Whitman January 21, 2003
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