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A man all the ladies want, or need in their life. -Some say he's perfect; good looking, stores a nice cock, good in the bed, pleasing, style, talented. (Lady pleaser, lady magnet, pimp,
-"I want/need a Kebu!" or "I got a Kebu!"
-"My Kebu's amazing!"
-"I'm in need of that Kebu right about now."
by Gi_ga_lo! March 05, 2010
1. to do da stanky leg perfectly. Ke refers to the "K" shape that is made by the body when doing this move and bu refers to the booty shake performed afterwards. It can be used as a noun or a verb.
"Whoa! Dude! Look at that guy kebu!" "Jeez, I've never seen someone stank that much!"
by Prout$ February 09, 2009