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Term of endearment for Mr. John Keats, romantic poet extraordinaire.
--I prefer the vivid articulation of Keatsy's poems to the Bysshe's lyric, but both are brilliant in my opinion.
--Neither of the two are quite Byronic enough for me; I like my British romantics with enough sass to go fight a war in Greece.
by jevvastater the devastater March 23, 2011
A fetish for drinking pickle juice straight from the jar while looking at reindeer porn with drunk unicorns.
Keatsies is the best!
by Katebug December 02, 2009
To play loose at Poker. To make outrageous plays and then curse when you lose.
I was playing really well until i done a Keatsy and lost all my chips.
by william prentice November 22, 2007
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