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A slang term for the number '15'. Taken from a 15 year old Sydney rapper named 'Kearve' who famously starts his songs with 'Kearve...15'.
Teacher: What's ten plus five?
Student: KEARVE!!
by 10lo March 06, 2013
'Kearve' is the name of an internet meme that surfaced in 2012. It features a video of a 15 year old Australian boy, who appears to be a lad, bogan or dero, rapping in front of a webcam. The video stats with him saying 'Kearve, 15'. The video has spawned a number of memes and parodies on YouTube, Facebook and other meme sites.
Did you see that video of that kid rapping?
You mean Kearve?
by suxsuxsux May 17, 2013
A term used to describe a bogan] 'rapper' who records himself rapping with a webcam and uploads the video to YouTube. Usually sports a mullet and 'lad' clothing, and raps about life in the ghetto when in actual fact his family are rich.
See that new rapper on YouTube? What a kearve!
by 10lo March 06, 2013
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