A British band consisting of three men from the mecca of ennui that is Hastings in Sussex. Their lead singer looks like a small-mouthed hobbit, and they write piano-based tunes with trite lyrics that resemble Coldyplay, David Grey, and British bands in the early twentieth century who fall under the umbrella of the new acoustic movement. Not to be confused with footballer Roy Keane.

Lead singer Tom Chaplin has a nice voice, but unfortunately it is wasted on dull songs that attempt to soar but never really take off. Their biggest single is probably Everybody's Changing, used as Eastenders background music, and their first single was released on Indie record label Fierca Panda. Who consequently let them be signed by a major label, Island, as they realised they were a bunch of cobblers.
"Like a lot of people, we've gone into making music because we're not terribly brilliant at expressing things. None of us are your bog-standard, confident, outgoing rockstar types." - Pianist Tim Oxley-Rice, quoted from drownedinsound.com.
by Alice September 02, 2004
A band that have been hailed in NME (and other 'trendy' magazines) for being 'orignal'. Yup, they're original, just like EVERY other dull indie band that's emerged over the past few years that releases songs that all sound the same, so teenagers can listen to them to sound 'cool', and 'alternative'. Its bands like Keane that give indie a bad name. Gone are the days of decent indie band like The Smiths, here are the days of bands like Keane.

By the time they release their second album, all the kids will have found some other equally dull band to go 'OMFG, ORGINAL!' over. They are just a fad.
Trendy: OMG, Did yuo see Keane playing with coldplay? Those bands are SO orignal, and sound nothing like each other!

Me: I hate you with a burning passion.
by Stemes August 20, 2005
1.A band with the most boring songs on earth and most boring videos on earth who unfortunately come on the radio and tv too much.

2. to describe something very very boring and dull...jst like the band.
oh my god, that movie is sooo keane! it makes me wanna fall asleep!
by Bahar January 13, 2005
A band that has a lead singer with a fat, punchable face. Their music is soooo boring, the album art is plain, and all their songs sound the same...
greven.125mb.com explains it fully
keane are the epitome of what's wrong with today's music.
by zero74 April 02, 2005
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