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Keana is a stunning girl with beautiful eyes. She is short and extremely funny and knows how to make everyone laugh. She can be dangerous though. She'll talk about anyone behind their back. She is a great girlfriend though, not a heartbreaker like you'd expect. Many guys chase after her, but she is hardly interested.

Sometimes her humor can come across as bitchy and mean but she doesn't give a fuck. she lives to have fun.
Friend one: Keana was being a bitch today.
Friend two: Don't take it personally, that's just who she is.
by Youdabest January 06, 2012
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Keana is so uber amxing you will love her forever.
Keana is so uber amxing!
by Kazahaya March 03, 2007
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A nickname for two bestfriends athat have similar and common intrests and personalities, they like to travel to different decades, and talk on the phone for hours.
"Who's the keana in this school?"
"Olivia, and Emily."
by keanaboo0192 March 19, 2008
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Keana's are the kindest, most perfect girls you'll ever set your eyes on. Defined as beautiful, classy, and cultured people. Boys drool over them but they don't give two shits and friend-zones them in the nicest way possible.They are classy bitches who wear the best, most expensive shit in the school campus. Keana's are most likely to be trendsetters and rich kids. Most are highly cultured and refined women. Chased by a hella lot of boys, but never interested. Keana's make the best girlfriends. No doubt, the best kissers and are fucking hot in anything they wear -- which includes bathing suits and yoga pants. Keana's are thick baby girls with the sexiest thighs your eyes will ever land upon. Keana's are good, innocent angels who have hearts of gold who are just naturally sexy.
Matt: Damn, bro. Keana is so hot
Alex: Shut up, man. She's my sister!
by saintangel May 23, 2017
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