Top Definition
the most wonderful guy in the entire world
Did you see Keagen? He's adorable.
by Kyleeyleeylee June 09, 2009
A young boy with the most heart warming smile and dazzling blue eyes.

sometimes a handfull, still always a Wonderfull, beautiful, and handsome child.

Someone who has you wrapped up in a hug with a smile every time they see you, and at every good by.
Guy- I need some hugs and kisses! :(

Girl- yeah where is Keagen right now?
by Keagen May 24, 2014
The ugly wart at the top of the crack in someone's ass
Dude, I ain't tapping that, she bends over and you can see her Keagen.
by ErikMaster19103 June 04, 2007
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