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A Wonka candy something like SweeTarts Rope. According to it's "The 'delickoricious' chewy candy that Feeds Your Imagination."
I bought a package of Kazoozles and ate a Kazoozle while thinking about rainbows and butterflies.
by Peppermints September 15, 2010
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Generally shitty/low quality marijuana. Usually comes in the form of a smuggled brick from Mexico.
I'm turnt off them kazoozles!
by shanethatlilshit February 27, 2015
the act of getting completely shitfaced and enjoying it. used mostly as a code name for teens so that their parents won't know what the hell they are talking about.
Jenna: We getting kazoozled tonight???
Ashley: Not after last weekend! I woke up in a dark alley and my panties were gone!

Person 1: Man, I'm bored...
Person 2: Kazoozles?

Person 1: *shakes head* We are such alcoholics.
by tapperamma September 04, 2009
the act of giving or receiving a blowjob from an Asian girl, also considered a ninja blowjob.
Dude, last night that chick kazoozled the shit outta me.
by titsmcgee1234 June 02, 2010

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