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Someone who generally believes that males are poisoned with testosterone and need a good kicking where it hurts.
'OW! What are you, some kind of kazen?'
by Kazen April 22, 2005
5 2
My twuest twu wub in the whole wide world.
I wub her sooooooo much ^_^;
by Philx0r April 21, 2005
5 4
A kazen is normally like Sampson from Romeo and Juliet. They believe that men overpower women in every way, which is normally why they can never keep a girlfriend for more than 3 days. Yet they blame that on love being 'over rated'. They believe that every man is better than every women, which is also normally why people want to kick them in the nutsack. Kazens don't deserve to speak to anyone, unless they are taught what honesty and loyalty is.
"what are you?! A kazen?"
by SmellThatEw November 20, 2012
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